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X Factor Dub Factor | Promax Gold winner

My creative idea for ITV came to fruition and thanks to a talented team of creatives, writers, and video producers, it scooped up a Promax Gold Award for Best Social Video in 2016.

As the Social Creative working on the X Factor for ITV. I proposed the idea of creating an overdubbed “must watch” video with a laugh-out-loud voiceover featuring famous judges moments from a previous show.

This reminded fans why they love the judges, but also brought The X Factor into the age of the internet.

The result was a handpicked viral moment featuring Rylan and Nicole, rescripted into something completely different and hilarious. Working with comedy writers and voice actors we overdubbed the video, and it revealed the “true story”, Rylan had, in fact, lost his sweet goldfish!

Here’s the finished video…

RIP small goldfish 🐟

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